Knowledgeof Sufi


One of the indispensable condition of sufism is ‘ILM’ or knowledge . In the light of HOLY QURAN and HADITH, that “a dervish can reach the pinnacle of his spiritual glory only by acquiring, first of all, the necessary ‘ILM’ and then acting upon its dictates rigidly” it lays down two kinds of ‘ILM’ viz.

The divine knowledge or the vast reservoir of knowledge
The ultimate knowledge that is given to man which is a mere ‘DROP’ from the vast ocean of the all- knowing divine knowledge. in the other words , “the divine knowledge is the vast and unlimited ocean of that “secret knowledge” which is owned by GOD alone, while the ‘limited’ knowledge is only a tiny particle of it which is bestowed upon man to conduct his worldly life”

Kinds of ‘ILM’

The knowledge of realizing and recognizing that there is an Omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient GOD, who is, and shall ever, be.
The knowledge of recognizing the fact that GOD knows sees and everything of his universe.
The knowledge of appreciating GOD’S unlimited powers as the “ALL POWERFUL MAKER” of the universe.
Again, “there are three branches of ‘ILM’ so far as Islamic Shariat (LAW) is concerned, viz.

The book
The traditions of the of the HOLY PROPHET
The unity of the ‘Millat’ or community
These branches cover every phase of man’s life from cradle to grave