Nazrana VIS A VIS The Khadims

Nazarana VIS-A-VIS The Khadims

NAZRANA VIS-A-VIS THE KHADIMS :- The position of Khadim is two fold – on the one hand he is “duty bound” for the hereditary services of the Shrine and on the other hand it is purely spiritual to the entire satisfaction of the pilgrim in return for a religious act (Dua) for the fulfillment of his vows (Mannat) either before or after. It is similar to “Dakshina” offered to the deity for the Pandits of Pushkar where Brahma’s temple is situated. Thus Ajmer is both religious and historical for the Hindus and the Muslims. Actually there is unity in diversity and that is why they – the princes, the politicians and the peasants come here to be in tune with the spirit once again. The “SPIRITUAL DOCTOR” bestows his blessing on all regardless of rank, race and region this is the living miracle of the Saint.