Sufi Healing

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Sufi Healing

The vocation of spiritual healing is a special gift and cannot be taught or learned. The secret of spiritual healing resides in the absence of the self when confronted with the all-pervading Healing Power.

It is true that there was a time, when to be ill and weak was accounted a sign of saintliness, when those who were seeking to tread the spiritual path neglected and ill-treated their bodies, starved and ill-used them until they were living skeletons, reduced to the lowest possible state of misery and distress, and quite incapable of constructive thought and action.

These days are past; wiser counsels now prevail, the mind of man has come to a saner and wiser opinion. He realizes that the body, which is the temple of God, should be a fitting habitation for its heavenly Guest, and that the instrument through which man functions should be as perfect a vehicle as possible.

The breath of those healthy in mind and body is vitalizing. The breath of the spiritual beings, whose love and sympathy goes out to others, is naturally healing.

“And the health of the whole body depends on the health of each part,
so the health of the whole humanity
depends upon the health of every nation.”

“The health of mind, therefore, and the health of body depend upon the preserving of that harmony, upon keeping intact that sympathy
which is going on in mind and body.”

“To be healthy means to be thoughtful;
the one who can feel deeply shows the sign of health.”

“In short, the first lesson in health is the understanding of this principle,
that illness is nothing but inharmony
and that the secret of health lies in harmony.”