Zaireen Pilgrims

As far the facility of the Zaireen are concerned it is the binding duty of every Khadim to treat them with due honour and dignity and to provide every possible facility to them. The devotees to the Holy Shrine, factually speaking are the guests of Huzoor Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (R.A.) and have been treated as such all along by the Khadims.

It is a fact that despite all the efforts made by the Dargah administration and the local administration, most of the pilgrims stay with their respective Duwagos (Khadims). Khadims try to make their pilgrims and stay as much comfortable as possible. And for the last 800 years, we are keeping with this tradition earnestly & religiously.

All the Khadims houses are used for Zaireen accommodation, (as per Khanqahi Nizam) free accommodation & food are provided to Zaireen without charging any tariff or fees. Whatever Zaireen offers us in Nazrana is purely voluntary & that Nazrana is spent on us & Zaireen (Pilgrims). Hotel & Dargah Committee guest houses have come into existence only in these last 30 years.

Nazrana :- It is one of the prominent feature of Khanqahi Nizam (Spiritual monasteries)